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Wherever you are from, searching for truth and working towards success is important. This is the reason MBU welcomes you to study here. While you will be equipped with the tools to succeed after graduation, we also believe the rich culture you bring to our campus makes the experiences of all of our students better.  We are proud that students from all over the world choose to continue their education at MBU.


国际学生 申请过程

要求因国家而异. The list below is a general guideline of requirements for international students who wish to attend 密苏里浸会大学.


After you submit an application to the university, the Office of International Experiences office will contact you with a personalized admission and I-20 request checklist.


English proficiency requirement*

Test scores must be sent directly from the examination body. English proficiency exam may be waived upon receipt of official transcript. ** The following tests are accepted:

考试名称/类型 最低分数要求
Duolingo 115
托福考试- iBT (MBU代码:2717) 80
托福考试-纸质(MBU代码:2717) 550
雅思考试 6.0
PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic) 53
E3PT(英语三) 68
(学术英语) 完成第112关
(MBU代码2258) 25 writing and language/25 reading
行为 (MBU代码2323) 阅读19分/英语20分

*English Proficiency exam requirements may be waived for students in the following categories. Additional verification may be required depending on the category.

  • from countries with English as an official language
  • who attended a school with English as the official language of instruction for 2 or more years
  • who transfer with a minimum of 24 university credit hours from a US or English-instruction institution
  • who have completed at least 2 years of high school in the US

**托福考试 ITP and 托福考试 Essentials may not be used to verify English Proficiency.



大一新生: A transcript from every high school attended will need to be submitted. Required minimum cumulative GPA is a 2.0对4.0规模. Students who do not submit 行为 or 坐 test scores must meet a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5对4.0规模.

Transferring from a US or international institution: A transcript will be needed from every institution that you have earned college credit from and must be sent directly from each university attended (international transcripts should be sent via the evaluation company). Required minimum cumulative GPA is a 2.0对4.0规模.

All secondary school and university-level credits earned 在美国以外 must be evaluated by Educational Credential Evaluators (、(,或世界教育服务(www.韦斯.org).  You must transfer any earned college credits. A recommended transcript evaluation process will be sent with your initial admissions checklist email. Confirm with the Office of International Experiences before requesting an evaluation.

Submit your 行为 or 坐 (optional)

MBU is a test-optional university, meaning that if you submit a test score, it will no longer negatively affect admissions decisions or scholarship offers. 然而, please note that we will require an 行为/坐/CLT score or MBU’s placement test (Accuplacer) prior to registration. 更多信息,请发送电子邮件


Instructions for how to submit proof of financial ability and additional documents needed to complete your I-20 request will be sent with your initial admissions email.

US-based health insurance requirement

We require all international students in F-1 status to enroll in the university’s group health insurance plan. For 2023-2024, the plan is with Academic Health Plans. Additional information about this plan can be found at


For students planning on playing for an MBU athletic team, please note that admission to MBU does not ensure NAIA eligibility. 检查 NAIA资格中心 to find information on required documents, which must be submitted in order to qualify to play.

First time freshmen who choose not to submit 行为/坐 scores may need a class rank letter for athletic eligibility.

职级信资料: Official Letter from Headmaster/Principal that must include your name, 毕业日期, total number of students in graduating class, and your class rank (confirming you are in the top 50%).


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