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Vision Statement 

The Faith and Research Conference at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis celebrates the intersection of Christian faith and rigorous academic research, promoting collaboration among faculty members and students to augment the building blocks of knowledge in the ultimate pursuit of God’s truth. 

2024 Conference Theme

Keeping it Real: Genuine Christian Pedagogy in an Artificial (Intelligence) World

Missouri Baptist University’s 6th Annual Faith and Research Conference invites proposals for peer-reviewed paper presentations, discussion panels, roundtables and breakout sessions addressing topics of faith as related to Artificial Intelligence. Students, faculty and industry professionals are encouraged to submit proposals interpreting the conference theme broadly and with an eye toward what the various unique research disciplines have to say about Artificial Intelligence.

Please see the Proposal Submission page for information and guidelines. Collaborative research presentations between faculty members and students are encouraged.

Statement from Dr. Keith Ross, President of Missouri Baptist University 

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more prevalent across all academic disciplines, businesses and the broader culture, Christian universities are uniquely positioned to provide a moral compass that guides analysis and deployment of AI in a just and responsible manner. As Christian educators and researchers, we must seize this historic opportunity to study and utilize AI’s potential, helping our students understand the seemingly boundless knowledge garnered from AI applications benefits mankind only when we are determined to instill sound judgment, critical thinking, and high ethical standards. 

Keith Ross

Faith and Research Conference

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