MBU Honors - Missouri Baptist University-十大网络彩票平台大全

MBU Honors is for those who plan to excel. It embraces and grows your strengths to make you the professional you’ve always had the potential to be.

More Breadth.
Read, analyze, discuss, debate, and articulately write about the big ideas of human history in an intimate seminar course.

More Depth.
Learn to prepare and distinguish yourself through original independent and collaborative research in your major and across disciplines.

More Opportunity.
Choose three specialized courses in your curriculum and create an Honors Contract to obtain Honors credit for that class.

More of the World.
Study Abroad for a semester or join a Travel Studies program for short-term experiences in an interactive, global society.

More to Give.
Service learning, peer mentoring, leadership opportunities on and off campus for sustained community engagement. College life isn’t all about classes, projects and exams. Sometimes it’s about helping others.

For more information, email Larry.Smith@14405claridgect.com. Application is open until all program spaces are filled each year. Students are encouraged to apply in the fall semester of their last year in high school or community college.